JLG 1930ES 19ft Electric Scissor Lift


JLG 1930ES 19ft Electric Scissor Lift

The JLG 1930ES is a self propelled scissor lift that is designed to safely raise you up on flat level concrete surfaces.  It is only 76cm wide and only 1.99m high, this makes this machine compact enough to fit through a standard doorway while allowing for a maximum raised deck height of 5.72m

Why Choose the JLG 1930ES 19ft Electric Scissor Lift?

JLG has been the pioneer of the electric drive wheel motor over the last 2 decades.  This gives you superior torque to climb up ramps or trailers, while also having extended battery life, up to 50% better than standard scissor lifts.  With the inclusion of the new and improved proportional drive controls you now get a super smooth drive and superior control in the tightest of areas.

Finance is based on weekly payments on a 5 year loan with no balloon payment.  This does not take into account individual circumstances and therefore the price is only an estimate.

Brand New Equipment purchased from Auslift comes with the manufacturer’s warranty.

Working Height 7.72m
Platform Height 5.72m
Horizontal Outreach 0.90m
Stowed Height 1.99m
Width 0.76m
Weight 1506kg
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