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Ladder Lift

Toplift Ladder Lift with ‘knee bend’

This is an exciting new range of material ladder lift hoist that starts with the light and portable Toplift which weighs on 54kg and is able to carry up to 200kg up as high as 20 metres.  Making it a must have item for all Removalists, Electricians, Plumbers, Airconditioning installers and for most construction work.  Thanks to various load-bearing devices and other accessories these lifts meet virtually any demand on the construction site. Bockers ‘Knee Bend’ Technology allows the lift to continue up a roof or bent section with ease and allow the lift to get to harder to reach places. The Toplift is available in three different versions which can all be assembled up to a total height of 20.30 m. The assembly of all three models is extremely convenient. Due to the low dead weight, positioning at any site is possible without any difficulties.



Ladder Lift

Available Models

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