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Scissor lifts provide temporary vertical elevation to areas that would have otherwise been inaccessible, usually due to height. As a temporary structure, they are far more flexible than permanent lifts and capable of lifting significant loads safely and efficiently. Generally used in maintenance or construction, scissor lifts are also used for public works, cleaning and events.

At Auslift, we offer a range of both rough all terrain scissor lifts and electric scissor lifts for hire, with a reach range from 19ft (8 metres working height) through to 50ft (18 metre working height). Scissor lifts can be easily setup and operated by a single person.

With a wide-range of features that vary by model, we can determine the right scissor lift for your work application.

For over 30 years, we have worked with businesses throughout the Melbourne area to provide them with exceptional rental and sales support for access elevated work platform equipment. Our goal is to help your business obtain the equipment you need in order to maintain worksite safety standards and complete your projects.

All our scissor lifts meet Australian compliance and are regularly serviced and checked to ensure safe and reliable operation. We cover all of Melbourne and Victoria extensively.

View our Machine Specifications to find the right scissor lift for you.

26 ft All Terrain 4WD Diesel Scissor Lift


We have a full range of 4WD rough terrain diesel scissor lifts available for hire. All-terrain models are preferable for outdoor use as they are made to handle all sorts of ground and weather conditions. These scissor lifts have large knobby tyres and self-levelling outriggers which are made for operating through mud, sand and soft grounds.

They are also able to operate on slopes up to 15% thanks to the one button automatic self-levelling outriggers. Simply press and hold the button until the engine stops and raise yourself up to the maximum height of the unit.

Our all-terrain scissor lifts start from 26ft (10 metres working height) and go right up to 50ft (18 metre working height). These machines also have big decks and large extensions which gives you a much bigger working area. Advantages of our 4WD diesel rough terrain scissor lifts include:

– Big wide all-terrain tyres to help them through most ground conditions including mud, rocks and sand;

– Our Haulotte all-terrain models have the added advantage of a differential lock button which locks all 4 wheels to make it a true 4WD;

–  Self levelling outriggers which allow you to level up on slopes up to 15%;and

– Large extension decks up to 1.5 metres which allow you to reach over small garden beds or canopies.

Our 4WD diesel rough terrain scissor lifts are available for hire in the following sizes:

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If you are looking for electric scissor lifts for hire in Dandenong or Melbourne, Auslift has the solutions that you require.

We have a full range of electric scissor lifts, which are especially useful for working up alongside buildings or even indoors due to their compact size. Our scissor lifts start from a slimline model (76cm wide) which fits through standard doorways and reaches up to 19ft (8 metres working height), right up to a 40ft scissor (14 metre working height) which gives you a much bigger working area as well. They have white or grey non-marking tyres so there is no need to worry about black marks on your floors.  Our inventory also includes smaller models that are compact enough to fit through a standard doorway.

Our platforms have been designed to meet rigorous safety standards and include a range of safety features, including automatic pothole protection and emergency stop features.

With machines available for sale, hire or rental, we supply JLG, Haulotte, Genie, Snorkel, Ding-Li and Skyjack.  The 19ft scissor lifts are available to be picked up on a scissor trailer to save on delivery costs.

Our electric scissor lift inventory has models with various vertical reaches, including:

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