Trailer Lifts

Available Models

Trailer Lift In use

Böcker line of trailer Lifts offer a comprehensive product range to suit individual lifting needs. The maximum lifting heights start at 18 m and peak off at 55 m with maximum payloads of up to 400 kg. So there is always the right Böcker trailer Lift even for the most ambitious projects. Find Below information regarding different models or view a brief overview of full product line HERE






Furniture Lifts


The Bocker Line of furniture lifts allow for easy lifting to high places in tight confined spaces. There are a few different model variations that have payloads from 250-400kg and up to 55m. They order below from smallest to largest lifts.







Construction Lift


Knee Join

‘Knee’ Join In action

For years, Böcker construction lifts have been dominating the scene on the most diverse construction sites Overseas, we welcome their presence to australia. The extremely resistant design as well as the unsurpassed durability turn the lifts into reliable partners in hard operations on construction sites. The benefit of construction lifts over furniture lifts is bockers ‘knee join’ technology which allows the lift to bend onto a roof or other structure and keep sending material to its destination.

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