Access Equipment, Scissor Lifts & Boom Lifts for Sales and Hire

Auslift has a full range of new and used Electric Scissor Lifts for sale in Melbourne, Victoria. We stock all the leading brands in electric scissor lifts including Genie, JLG, Haulotte, Snorkel and Sinoboom, as well as major brands of boom lifts, cherry pickers, forklifts, duct lifters and manlifts.

We also offer top brand access hire equipment, so if you need height access machines for hire in the greater Melbourne area, our access hire equipment is well maintained, reliable and competitively priced.

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Boom Lifts

Are you interested in buying a used Boom Lift? Auslift have a wide range of used Boom Lifts for sale, ranging from Ex Fleet Electric Knuckle Boom Lifts, Diesel Knuckle Boom Lifts, Straight Boom Lifts and Hybrid Boom Lifts.

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Forklift and Materials Handling Attachments

Auslift stock a wide range of Material Handling & Forklift Attachments available for sale Australia Wide. These include but are not limited to Crane Attachments, Manual Handling, Container Ramps, Access, Cages & Accessories.

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Duct Lifters

At Auslift we have a variety of Ductlifts available for sale. With our material lifts ranging from 1.8 to 7.32m vertical lift capabilities and 100kg to 318kg weight capacities, we will have something to help you safely move HVAC into place to get the job done.

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Australia's Leading Brands

At Auslift Equipment, we only stock the best machines and equipment on the market. This includes a broad range from the premium brands; Genie, JLG, Haulotte, Snorkel, Sinoboom, Hyster, JD Power and R&J Batteries.

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Auslift Equipment is a privately owned company with over 30 years experience in the industry. NO JOB IS TOO BIG OR TOO SMALL. We supply a broad range of machinery from premium brands.

To cover all your lift and carry requirements the machines are available for both hire and sale. Machines range from Access Equipment, Boom Lifts, Scissor Lifts, Towable Cranes, Vertical Lifts, Cinema Lifts, Ladder Lifts and Industrial Lifts.

For professional advice from industry experts, send us an enquiry or call us on 03 9702 7977.

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Tools & Safety Equipment / PPE

We offer an extensive range of tools and safety solutions to ensure heavy lifting and equipment manoeuvring is done in the safest, most secure way possible. Our range includes scissor lifts, access hire, cherry pickers, boom lifts and ewp hire.

  • 2500kg Ratchet tie down with 50mm webbing x 9m long by Austlift

    2500kg Ratchet tie down with 50mm webbing x 9m long by Austlift

  • Safety Helmet

    Safety Helmet

  • Safety Glasses - Clear

    Safety Glasses - Clear

  • Safety Glasses - Tinted

    Safety Glasses - Tinted

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To request a free measure and quote, enquire online or call us on1300AUSLIFTto learn about the rental and sales options we offer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Access hire refers to the process of hiring equipment designed to provide access to areas that are high up or difficult to reach. These types of equipment are also known as Elevating Work Platforms (EWPs). Access hire is used in various industries, including construction, maintenance, warehousing and events.

Access hire equipment is used for a wide range of tasks that require elevation or access to high areas. Common applications include construction work, building maintenance, installation of electrical and HVAC systems, painting, window cleaning, tree trimming, and rigging signage and lights. Access equipment is essential for tasks where ladders are insufficient or unsafe, as they provide a stable platform for workers to perform their duties at height. There is also the ability to use a harness in conjunction with access hire equipment.

Various types of access equipment are available for hire, including scissor lifts, boom lifts, cherry pickers, vertical lifts, forklifts etc. Scissor lifts are ideal for vertical elevation with a straight up-and-down movement, while boom lifts and cherry pickers offer more flexibility with horizontal and up-and-over reach. Vertical lifts/manlifts are suitable for tighter areas where compact machinery is required, and where a lighter weight needs lifting.

Yes. Secondary guarding is available on all of our machines upon request. When you make your booking, just ask us.

Choosing the right access hire equipment involves considering several factors: the height and reach required, the weight capacity needed, the terrain of the worksite, and the space available for maneuvering the equipment. It's also important to assess whether indoor or outdoor use is intended, as some equipment is specifically designed for either environment. Consulting with a professional from Auslift can provide valuable guidance in making the right choice.

We offer a range of brands known for their reliability and performance. Common brands include Genie, JLG, Haulotte, Niftylift, Snorkel etc. Each brand has its strengths and specific equipment models that cater to different needs, so it's beneficial to discuss the project requirements with us to determine the most suitable brand and model.

To make a booking for access hire equipment, you can usually contact us directly via phone, email or online chat. To get the best equipment and advice suitable for your project, it's important to provide detailed information about your project, including the type of equipment needed, rental duration, and any specific requirements or preferences.

Yes, there are geographical limitations to our access equipment services. Currently, we restrict our services to the Metropolitan Melbourne area. For clients located outside of Metro Melbourne, we are unable to extend our hire services due to logistical and operational constraints. We focus on serving the Metro Melbourne area to ensure prompt, efficient, and reliable service for all our local clients.

We don't have a maximum hire period, unless the equipment is already reserved by another client. The minimum rental periods for access hire can vary depending on your requirement and type of equipment.

The Daily Hire Rate is based on the equipment being hired for a maximum of 8 hours in any one day.

The Weekly Hire Rate is based on the equipment being hired for a maximum of 5 days unless specified or varied in writing.

These rental periods provide flexibility for various project needs, from short-term tasks to longer projects. For specific requirements or to discuss adjustments to these standard hire periods, please contact us.

Yes, we sell new access equipment. This option is ideal for businesses or individuals who require long-term use of the equipment and find that purchasing is more cost-effective than hiring. We offer a range of new models from reputable manufacturers, along with advice on choosing the right equipment.

To confirm the height requirements for your project, you should first assess the maximum height at which work will be performed. Consider any obstacles or structures that might hinder the equipment's reach. It's also important to account for the height of the workers and any tools or materials they will be using. Consulting with us can help ensure you select the right equipment with the appropriate height capabilities.

Deciding whether to buy or hire access equipment depends on several factors, including the frequency of use, budget, transport and storage capabilities, and maintenance considerations. Hiring is often more cost-effective for short-term or infrequent use, as it eliminates the need for storage and maintenance, or to provide your own transport to ferry equipment to and from worksites. Buying may be more economical for long-term, regular use. Evaluating the specific needs and circumstances of your project or business will help determine the most practical and cost-effective option.