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  • Heli G2 Series 1.75T 3 Wheel AC Electric Forklift

    Heli CPD25-GD2

    Brand new Heli G2 Series 1.75T, 3 wheel AC electric counterbalanced forklift....

  • Heli 1.3T, 3m Electric Straddle Stacker

    CDD13J-K Electric Straddle Stacker Standard Features

    • 2-stage, 3m mast
    • Maximum capacity...

  • Heli 1.3T, 3.5m Electric Straddle Stacker

    CDD13J-K Electric Straddle Stacker Standard Features
    • 2-stage,...

  • Heli H3 Series 2.5T Internal Combustion Counterbalanced Forklift

    Heli CPYD25-RC1H

    Brand new Heli forklift. Heavy duty workhorse for the toughest of environments....

  • Heli HC Series 1.8 Tonne Gas Forklift

    Heli CPYD18-RC2H

    Brand new Heli H3 Series 1.8T internal conbustion, counterbalanced forklift. The internal...

  • Heli 1.4T Electric Reach Stacker

    Heli CQDH14-850 Electric Reach StackerStandard Features

    • 1.4T Load Capacity
    • Side shift
    • 3 stage mast
    • 0...

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Forklifts For Sale

If you are in the Melbourne or Victoria area, Auslift has a wide range of forklifts available. We are a proud authorized forklift sales agent for the Heli Forklift brand. With a variety of electric, diesel and LPG forklift designs, you can have access to the full range of Heli Forklifts.
Heli is one of the 10 largest forklift manufacturers around the globe. This reliable and trusted company was founded in 1958. We are proud to carry their products as part of our line of equipment for your business needs.
If you want the right machinery for the job at the budget you can afford, then look no further. We feature a range of LPG fuel efficient forklifts. Our knowledgeable and professional staff can help you in selecting the right machinery for the job.

You'll have a choice of electric, LPG forklifts or diesel forklifts. If you've been renting equipment, this might be the chance to buy. Since you rely on the right tools to be an effective business, you might consider the flexibility and time effectiveness of owning your own equipment. We also have boom lifts for hire or sale.

Forklifts For Sale in Melbourne

We cover all of Melbourne and can outfit you with the right equipment for the job. Our friendly and professional staff can help you with information and recommendations to make the best choice for your business.

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Electric Forklifts For Sale

The newHeli G2 Series 1.75T, 3 wheel AC electric is a counterbalanced forklift. Can be operated indoors or outdoors. The electric forklift is known to handle heavy and bulky objects with ease.

Diesel Forklifts For Sale

TheHeli HC Series 1.75T Internal Combustion Forklift fits the bill if you're looking for a diesel type of forklift. It operates safely with no chance of fluid leakage. It's also highly efficient and has a 500mm load centre. Find out more about this brand new machine. Find out more about our diesel forklifts for sale.

Another design is theHeli H3 Series 2.5T Internal Combustion Counterbalanced Forklift. It might be the workhorse you've been looking for; it's made for tough environments.

Auslift is your go-to supplier for forklifts in the Melbourne area. Give us a call or contact us by email to find the right forklift for your company needs. We offer more than 30 years of experience; Auslift takes pride in our excellent customer service and knowledge. Contact us at for any questions regarding our forklifts for sale.