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Our standard operating hours are from 7am to 5pm Monday to Friday, and 8am to 12pm Saturday.  Delivery times outside of these hours as well as on public Holidays will incur a call out fee.  Please call us on 03 9702 7977 to find out more.

You must always contact the local council in the area you are working in to ask for permission to use their facilities.  Often a permit will be required. The council will provide you with information on what else is required to ensure safety of all parties.   Auslift takes no responsibility for fines resulting from your failure to get the correct permissions and all fines will forwarded on for payment.

There are strict rules that govern machinery use near power lines that are there for your safety. 

First of all, any work near power lines needs to be submitted to the owner of the power lines prior to commencement. This so correct safety preparations, such as tiger tails on the power lines can be made to protect you.

Next it depends on how close you are working to the lines.  Anything under 3m away will require the lines to be shut off by the power company at your cost.

Distances between 3m and 6.4m will require a registered spotter to ensure you remain within a safe zone at all times.

Distances further than 6.4m don't require a spotter but ensure you don't enter a zone closer than 6.4m to a power line.

In short, yes you will require an EWPA Yellow Card competence in order to operate any Auslift elevated work platforms. 

This is in order to protect firstly the operator, but also other people and property from injury or worse.  The EWPA yellow card competency is a Nationally Recognized training module and is a minimum requirement in order to meet your duty of care to any employees using Access Equipment.  For more information, please read the following link from the EWPA website. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO

Yes, you will need Nationally Recognised Training for all Elevated Work Platforms in order to operate Auslift Access Equipment.  Boom Lifts with a maximum platform height under 11m are no different.  You will require an EWPA Yellow Card competence with a BL endorsement to operate these boom lifts.  For more information on why you need this license, please click on the following link. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO

It is illegal to operate a Boom lift without the correct High Risk Work License from Worksafe with a WP Class endorsement.  Worksafe does have a taskforce driving around sites, and hefty fines will be the result for anyone without the correct license.

Our Hire Division is currently only situated in Melbourne, but Yes you can pick up your own machinery, as long as you have the correct vehicle, restraints and competency.  The machine will not be released until the tow vehicle has been approved by our operators.  This is for yours and the public's safety as EWP's are extremely heavy and if they were to loosen mid transport, they pose a very serious danger.  Likewise, if your vehicle or trailer is under rated, it is very likely that this would affect your braking distance and also cause damage to your vehicle.  As a minimum, you will need an EWPA Yellow Card with a Transport endorsement to be allowed to load Auslift Access Equipment on your truck or trailer.

A 'cherry picker' is a common name used to describe EWP's, but most commonly it is used to describe a Towable Boom Lift.  Although it is also often used to describe a self propelled boom lift or a scissor lift.

The price for the hire of a cherry picker depends on the duration of the hire as well as the size and reach of the machine.  They start from around $180/day or $150/day on a weekly rate and then go up from there depending on your requirements.  The transport price for cherry pickers often costs more than the days hire due to the size and weight of the machines.  Transport starts at $200+GST each way and goes up from there.

For an accurate quote catered to your needs, please call us on 03 9702 7977.

The hire cost of a scissor lift varies depending on the size of the machine and also the duration of the hire.  As a general guide, a small electric scissor lift has a starting price of around $100/day on a daily rate or around $50/day on a weekly rate.  Hire costs also incur damage waiver, insurance charges and GST.  The other major cost to include is transport.  Small electric scissor lifts can be picked up on our purpose built trailers starting from as low as $30/day on a weekly rate.  Otherwise transport via a tilt tray is from $140+ GST each way. 

Please note that diesel machines are sent out full of diesel so there may be a fuel charge if we have to refuel when they are returned.

For an accurate quote catering to your needs, please call us on 03 9702 7977.

Yes we do.  Although our head office is in Dandenong South Victoria, we are authorised re-sellers for all major brands of Access Equipment including JLG, Genie and Haulotte.  We use our buying power with all the major suppliers to ensure you're saving on equipment, without compromising your manufacturer warranty.

Genie is a popular brand of scissor lift that is stocked by Auslift.  Brand New 19ft Scissor Lifts start at around $15000+GST.  Near new, Used and second hand scissor lifts are also available for sale. 

For more information, contact us on 03 9702 7977 and ask for George.

The cost of a scissor lift greatly varies depending on the size and type of scissor lift.  Here at Auslift, we stock the 3 major brands, JLG, Genie and Haulotte. The prices start at around $15000+ GST.  Each brand has its own unique advantages.

To find out which machine suits your needs, call us on 03 9702 7977 and ask for George.

A cherry picker is a broad name used to describe an elevated work platform. It can be either a boom lift or a scissor lift but is usually used to describe a boom lift, specifically of the towable range.

A towable boom lift starts at around the $50,000+GST range brand new. Whereas the heavy duty, self propelled variety start at around $80,000+GST.

For more information on what's right for you, call us on 03 9702 7977

The cost of a boom lift depends on the size and brand of the machine.  The smallest boom lift is a 30ft Electric Knuckle Boom lift and the starting price is around $80,000+GST. 

To find what's right for you, call us on 03 9702 7977

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