Manufacturers Warranty on Access Equipment

Manufacturers Warranty on Access Equipment

Buying a new piece of access hire equipment makes your work safer and more convenient. At Auslift we provide machinery from the industry’s leading brands to bring you quality equipment. But what happens if something goes wrong? We understand that you might need help with faults and we are here to make it as easy as possible for you to get help. This blog will take you through all you need to know about the manufacturer’s warranties available on our new machinery and their many benefits.

Customer Warranty

According to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), a warranty is defined as ‘a voluntary promise offered by the person or business who sold the product or service to you’. Our equipment comes with manufacturer’s guarantees that can’t be excluded under Australian Consumer Law. For major failures or defects on all brand new equipment, you are entitled to repairs under warranty.

What is covered by a warranty?

The most common forms of coverage for warranties offered by a company relates to the quality, state or condition of the goods, what they are supposed to do (eg. a scissor lift should work as expected), and whether servicing and the cost of parts are covered in case of accident or fault. Under Australian Consumer Law, if such a warranty is provided then there is an expectation that it will be honoured by the company who sold the product.

Faulty Goods Warranty

At Auslift, our brand new equipment comes with the respective manufacturer’s warranty. These kinds of warranties relate to any potential issues that may occur due to a defect with the goods themselves, such as a fault that occurred during the manufacturing of the goods. The benefits of a manufacturer’s warranty are often that a product can be repaired or replaced, that a service can be resupplied or fixed, or that compensation can be provided to a consumer in some cases. Manufacturer’s warranties are usually limited by time so that they can only be utilised for a certain time frame after a product or service has been purchased. To understand more about the different manufacturer's faulty goods warranties, contact us directly and we can take you through the pros and cons of different warranties for your business.

Manufacturer Assistant

In some cases, a company may offer a warranty that extends the timeframe for the coverage. For example, you’ve decided you want to buy a new piece of access equipment, such as a Genie, JLG or Haulotte boom lift or electric scissor lift. A normal warranty for these products may last for two years, but a company may decide to sell you an extended warranty that will increase this timeframe from two to five years. If you have any questions about the availability of an extended warranty on new machinery or you are having issues with existing machinery under warranty, we can help you to get that fixed or replaced with the manufacturer in a timely manner.

Aren’t warranties usually written in “legalese”?
Since 2012, it has been a requirement in Australia for warranties to be written in plain language so they are easy to understand. A warranty must include certain information, such as the name, business address and phone number of the entity providing the warranty, what the consumer must do to make a claim under the warranty and what the business will provide to you, and that the warranty is in addition to a consumer’s usual rights under Consumer Law.

For more information about our warranties please don’t hesitate to contact us on Auslift or give us a call on 03 9702 7977 to discuss your business’ needs.