The Benefits of Buying a New Boom Lift

The Benefits of Buying a New Boom Lift

Considering buying a boom lift? Buying a large piece of machinery like a boom lift is not a small decision, and involves a significant financial investment, but if you proceed, buying a new boom lift can open up possibilities for your business.

Let’s have a look at some of the benefits of buying a new boom lift.

Reasons to buy a new boom lift

Expand your business

Buying a new boom lift can allow you to complete a wider range of tasks than you otherwise might have been able to. For example, you may have an opportunity to take on projects that involve reaching heights only a boom lift can reach, and hence a boom lift becomes essential if you want those projects.

In addition, many new boom lifts enable you to achieve tasks faster and more efficiently, which means your workers can move on to other jobs more quickly. Efficiencies of these types can help your business to grow.

Complete more tasks

Boom lifts enable you to achieve certain tasks that can’t otherwise be completed. For example, if you need to swing into an area to get close enough to complete a job, you need to lift a certain weight, or you need a machine that can operate on a range of terrains, a sturdy and powerful boom lift might be your only option.

When you buy a new boom lift, you have the advantage of being able to select exactly the piece of equipment that meets your needs, rather than making do with a machine that’s not up to the task.


A boom lift can last up to 30 years if it is operated correctly, is well maintained and receives regular servicing. That means you won’t need to replace the equipment any time soon, and you know you have a boom lift at your fingertips for years to come.

Avoid hire costs

Whilst in the short term, boom lift hire might be a more affordable solution, you need to consider the long term picture for your business. Will you need to use a boom lift as part of your daily operations for a long time? What is the cost comparison of buying versus hiring for that time period? Hire costs can add up over time, so you need to do a fair cost comparison.

Also, when considering boom lift hire, you need to take into account the fact that you have to book the equipment, and potentially wait for it to become available. In the meantime, your work task is on hold. Owning your own boom lift prevents you from experiencing such delays.

You’re the first user

When you purchase a new boom lift, you know you’re the first user. This means you have a full understanding of the machine’s use from the outset and you can be 100% sure of the daily operational occurrences the machine experiences. Sometimes it takes just one instance of misuse to severely damage a machine, so it’s helpful if you know about any incidents. Additionally, if you buy a new machine, you can ensure your staff are appropriately trained to use and maintain the equipment, and that any issues with the machine are promptly addressed.

Eligibility for warranty

When buying a new boom lift, you have the benefit of a comprehensive warranty for a period of time. This means that the manufacturer may service the machine or its components during that warranty period, rather than you paying for this yourself. Parts repair and replacement can be expensive, so it’s comforting to know you can rely on the warranty for a decent period of time.

New parts advantage

When you buy a new boom lift rather than a used machine, you get the advantage of using a machine containing new parts. This means it will take much longer before you need to replace any of those parts. With an older, pre-used model, parts may have partially worn out and will need replacing sooner, which is a cost for you. So, despite the new boom lift costing more at the outset, you reduce the spend on replacement parts for a longer period of time.

Easier access to replacement parts

When you buy a used machine, especially if it is an older model, you may experience difficulty obtaining replacement parts. This is less likely with a new boom lift, as most new models are still being manufactured and hence, parts are still being produced.

Access new technology

With every new boom lift design, there are small advancements in their technology which enhance safety and productivity. Older models may do the job, but may not allow you to do the job as quickly, or they may not be as comfortable and safe for your workers to use.

In addition, if you currently work with a diesel boom, newer technology in the form of an electric boom lift may reduce your fuel expenditure.

Ability to trade in

When you buy a new boom lift, you can better rely on the option of selling or trading in the equipment in the future and getting a decent return on your investment, whereas if you sell an already used boom lift, the price you can expect to receive for that machine will be considerably lower.

Drawbacks of Buying New Equipment

The main drawback to buying a new boom lift is the initial cost outlay. You firstly need the funds to put towards this investment, plus you need to be able to afford to maintain and insure the equipment.

In addition, like any mechanical asset, the value of your new boom lift will depreciate over time—you will never get as much back as you spent on the machine.

If you are a small business, these are serious considerations, whereas a larger business might more easily justify and wear the costs. In saying that, the benefits you do receive, and your ability to complete additional jobs, may be worth the investment over time.

Which new boom lift to choose?

If you’ve made the decision to buy a new boom lift, you need to be sure which model to choose. The main boom lift varieties are telescopic boom lifts (also called straight booms) and articulated boom lifts, (also called knuckle booms). Cherry pickers are also sometimes referred to as boom lifts, although they tend to have less reach and load capacity than boom lifts.

Telescopic boom lifts (straight booms or stick booms) have a straight arm that can extend out to achieve both vertical and horizontal reach. They’re suitable for construction and maintenance tasks where you have plenty of open space available to work in.

These lifts reach impressive heights and can lift heavy loads. They can also operate on a range of terrains, and many are engineered with safety features to ensure stability.

Telescopic boom lifts are fitted with tyres and can be driven around a worksite, so they only need to be loaded onto a truck when being transported between sites.

Articulated boom lifts (knuckle booms) have arms consisting of hinged sections. These boom lifts offer great flexibility of movement, as they have an up and over capability, so can operate where obstacles are present. They also have a tight turning radius which allows them to work in tight spaces. Additionally, these lifts can often accommodate attachments to extend their reach. Electric-powered models, with their low emissions and quiet operation, are well-suited for indoor applications.

Like telescopic booms, articulated booms are self-propelled and only need to be loaded onto a truck when transported between sites.

Cherry pickers share a similar design to articulated booms, and can also safely lift a worker and tools at height. Their manoeuvrability and compact size make them suitable for navigating tight spaces and indoor environments. Cherry pickers also feature outrigger legs for stability.

Cherry pickers are generally either mounted to a truck or a trailer.
Which type of boom lift you choose will depend on the environment you will most often need to work in, the height and load capacity you require, and your budget, among other factors.

In conclusion…

While purchasing a new boom lift requires a substantial investment, you will likely reap numerous benefits such as advanced technology, longevity, warranty coverage, and simple access to replacement parts. Despite the initial outlay, the long-term advantages, including increased productivity and reduced maintenance expenses, will often justify the investment.
When choosing between telescopic and articulated boom lifts, consider factors like space requirements and intended applications.

For information on purchasing new boom lifts, contact Auslift Equipment. We have a range of new knuckle boom lifts and straight boom lifts for purchase, as well as cherry pickers and towable trailer boom lifts. We can discuss your requirements with you, and assist you in making decisions about which machine best suits your needs. If buying a new boom lift is not right for you, we also offer used boom lifts for sale, as well as offering boom lifts for hire.

Finance options are available for new and used machinery. By choosing to finance, you can spread the cost of buying new or used equipment over a longer time period, which offers your business greater flexibility. See our Equipment Financing Calculator page for more information, or call us on 1300AUSLIFT to discuss financing options.