The Benefits of Buying a New Scissor Lift

The Benefits of Buying a New Scissor Lift

Scissor lifts are essential machines in industrial and construction settings where both materials and personnel need to be raised using stable lifting equipment. If you’ve recently found a business need for a scissor lift, or you have a scissor lift that needs upgrading, then you may be considering buying a new scissor lift. In this article we’ll run through why buying a new scissor lift is often well worth the investment.

New Scissor Lifts - Enhanced Safety

Any scissor lift you use should meet Australian safety standards for Elevating Work Platforms (AS/NZS 1418.10:2011). These standards relate to the structural design and construction of the machine, the machine’s stability and load rating, training and competency, machine maintenance, and the safety devices included with the machine (emergency lowering systems, overload sensing systems, tilt protection systems, guardrails etc.).

When you buy a new scissor lift, you can check that it meets the Australian safety standards. In many cases, new machines exceed these standards, and offer additional safety features that are not even required.

Compare this with buying a used machine or continuing with a machine that no longer meets requirements. You may need to get the machine repaired so that it adheres to standards, however this may be very expensive, if it is even possible. Buying a new scissor lift, whilst costly upfront, means that you can be sure you are not violating regulations by operating an outdated and unsafe piece of equipment.

Improved comfort

Scissor lifts that include technological features that minimise noise and vibrations will be much easier for your workers to use. Newer models include a variety of features, such as anti-vibration systems. Whilst in the short-term these safety and comfort measures don’t seem important, when your personnel are using the equipment day-in-day-out, any advancements are valuable. In addition, having some of these comfort measures on a scissor lift can prevent overuse injuries and worker complaints. This is why new machines with these features are worth the spend.

Improved Efficiency & Maneuverability

As technology advances, many of the new scissor lifts operate more efficiently than older models. They may offer greater load capacity or reach greater heights than their predecessors. They may also offer a shorter elevation time, increased gradeability, or a greater duty cycle. New machines also often include parts that are built to withstand the challenges of daily use, more so than some of their older counterparts.

In addition to enhanced efficiency, some new scissor lifts can be manoeuvred into narrow corridors and tight spaces, making them more versatile than some of the older, larger models. For example, the new model Genie GS1932XH E-Drive 19 ft Electric Scissor Lift can fit through a doorway whilst still reaching heights of 5.79 metres, and similarly the JLG ES1932 19 ft Electric Scissor Lift is sufficiently compact to fit through some standard doorways while allowing for a maximum raised deck height of 5.77m.

Enhanced manoeuvrability in newer scissor lifts not only makes some tasks possible, but it makes tasks quicker and easier to complete.

Manufacturer Warranty

New machines come with manufacturer warranties, which means that if problems arise that aren’t the result of misuse, the manufacturer will usually repair or replace the faulty parts. Compare this with owning an older machine, where you need to pay for new parts and repairs. Warranties are only valid for a certain period of time of course, so ensure you check how long yours is when you make your purchase.

Note that, regardless of manufacturer warranty, you still need to service the machine every 90 days. Also, once a machine reaches 10 years of age, it’s a legal requirement that it receives a 10 year inspection. Following that, it must receive that inspection every 5 years.

Reduced Emissions

Some new scissor lifts come with environmentally-friendly features, such as energy-efficient motors that minimise environmental impact while maximising performance. There are also models that are electricity/battery powered, that create zero emissions, or bi-energy outdoor terrain scissor lifts that use either diesel or zero-emission battery power. So if reducing your carbon footprint is important to your business, as well as reducing fuel costs, then some of the newer scissor lifts might be the right choice.

Increased Versatility

You may choose to buy a scissor lift because the model you currently have is not suitable for the tasks you need to complete. You may have a need for both indoor and outdoor scissor lifts, in different sizes. Or you may require multiple scissor lifts that will operate at the same time in different locations. New scissor lifts are available that suit a variety of applications, and it is easy to find a new machine that will have the load capacity and reach capacity you need, and the operability for your particular work location.

Making the Decision

When deciding whether or not you need to buy a new scissor lift or operate with your existing equipment, here are some things to consider:

  • Is your current scissor lift able to achieve the tasks you need it to (reach the heights you require, carry the loads you require, be able to move in the areas you need to move in, work either indoors or outdoors)?
  • Can your business function if there is downtime while an old scissor lift is repaired? If not, a new model, less likely to break down, is preferable.
  • Do you envisage that the scissor lift you plan to buy will be used a lot, and for many years? Or will it only be used for occasional jobs? If long-term use is likely, a new model is a wise choice. If only sporadic use is required, then an affordable used scissor lift, or a scissor lift for hire might be a more economical option.
  • Is your current scissor lift safe and does it meet regulatory standards? Can improvements be made to make it safe? How much will these improvements cost?
  • Do you have the budget to buy the scissor lift that best suits your needs? If you do, then buying exactly what you need can save you a lot of hassle.

Once you have considered the above, you will have a better idea of whether or not a new scissor lift is a worthy buy, or if an alternative option, like repairing or upgrading an old lift or hiring a lift, might be a better choice. We also offer trade in options for your old machinery, where you can get money off a new machine when you trade in an old one.

In conclusion, buying a new scissor lift offers benefits that include improved efficiency and safety, adherence to technical regulations, reduced maintenance costs, improved operator comfort, and potentially, reduced emissions. Whilst a new scissor lift likely comes at a greater cost than paying for repairs and maintenance on an existing machine, a new scissor lift will serve your business for many years, so might be worth it in the long run. (Note that, there is also the possibility of resale of a new machine in the future.)

If you are seeking a scissor lift for sale, consider Auslift. We sell new Electric Scissor Lifts, 4WD All Rough Terrain Scissor Lifts, as well as Scissor Lifts on Trailers. In addition, we sell a range of used scissor lifts, including ex-fleet electric scissor lifts and rough terrain scissor lifts.

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