Advantages & best use cases of cherry pickers and boom lifts

Advantages & best use cases of cherry pickers and boom lifts

If you’re looking for cherry picker or boom lifts for hire within Melbourne, then we can’t say we blame you. This incredibly versatile piece of equipment is far-reaching and used extensively across a number of industries. Though its original purpose was for fruit picking throughout orchards, this piece of equipment has become an integral part of many industries – and it’s easy to see why.

Not only varied in what they can be used for, cherry pickers offer safety and security when working from heights and are a far more flexible alternative to scaffolding. Easy and fast to set up and quick to move throughout a work site, cherry pickers can save you time, money and allow you to get the job done quickly and accurately.

So what exactly are boom lifts used for and how can you benefit from hiring one? We have compiled a list of some of the best uses for cherry pickers. 

Building Maintenance

A perfect example where the added mobility of a cherry picker can come in use. Building maintenance is often synonymous with reaching difficult or awkward areas to make repairs, paint or otherwise. Cherry pickers are a safe and secure way to reach these areas, as well as being able to move around the building more quickly. Cherry pickers also make possible the ability to handle other tools and equipment necessary for the job. Further to this, cherry pickers are ideal for hedge and brand trimming as the manoeuvrability allows for greater accuracy, whilst maintaining safety.

Servicing Telephones and Electricity Poles

Fixing street lights and power lines and servicing telephone or electricity poles are all in a day’s work for a cherry picker. The cherry pickers provides adequate vertical elevation for the job and a greater level of safety when compared to the use of ladders in the past.

Filming Events

Utilising a cherry picker to film large sporting events means you’ll never miss a moment of the action. The height and mobility of the machinery enables you to capture a unique perspective of the game play and create interesting shots for television. With swooping angles and a birds eye view, you’ll feel like you’re at the game.

Assisting Fire Services

A cherry picker facilitates far safer rescues in certain emergencies. A cherry picker can provide vertical elevation to areas that would previously be inaccessible otherwise. It also enables, within its limitations, for a greater number of people to be rescued from tall buildings at the one time and negates the need for firemen to carry people manually.

Picking Fruit

How could we write a list on uses for the cherry picker without mentioning fruit picking? Its original purpose, the cherry picker is still the perfect piece of equipment for the efficient and easier collection of fruits. It enables greater access and an enhanced level of safety than would be possible with just a ladder.

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