Vertical Drum Lifter - DHE-DL350

Vertical Drum Lifter - DHE-DL350
Vertical Drum Lifter - DHE-DL350
Vertical Drum Lifter - DHE-DL350
Vertical Drum Lifter - DHE-DL350

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All-steel construction, the Drum Lifter 350 easily moves and handles open or close head, loaded steel drums.

Allows quick, gentle loading into over-packs and keeps drums upright during lift, reducing spills and injuries.

  • Works easily with overhead hoist or hook from forklift jib or tyne hook.
  • Designed to lift 210 Litre steel drums
  • Works on almost any drum that has a rim to grab onto
  • Ideal for picking up a drum in the middle of a cluster.
Safe Working Load (SWL) 350kgs
Unit Weight 9.5kgs
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Vertical Drum Lifter - DHE-DL350

Frequently asked questions

Choosing the right Vertical Drum Lifter - DHE-DL350 model for your needs involves assessing your project's requirements such as lifting capacity, height, and work environment. Auslift provides expert guidance to ensure you buy the equipment that best matches your project demands. For assistance and recommendations for the sale of Vertical Drum Lifter - DHE-DL350, please reach out to our experienced team.

Manufacturers often have dedicated support centers that can quickly assess and resolve issues with Vertical Drum Lifter - DHE-DL350. You may want to contact the manufacturer directly first to help fix the issue with your equipment. You can also contact us and we will be happy to assist you with your queries.

When considering the purchase of new Vertical Drum Lifter - DHE-DL350, Auslift may provide options for trading in your old equipment. This can help you manage costs and upgrade your machinery more efficiently. To understand how the trade-in process works and determine if your current Vertical Drum Lifter - DHE-DL350 qualifies, contact us and our team will guide you through the evaluation of your old equipment and explain the trade-in options available to you.

At Auslift, we understand the importance of ensuring that the Vertical Drum Lifter - DHE-DL350 meets your specific needs before sale. That's why we offer demonstrations of Vertical Drum Lifter - DHE-DL350 before you buy a new one, allowing you to see firsthand how our machines operate and assess their compatibility. Our experts will guide you through the features and functionalities, ensuring you have all the information needed for the sale of Vertical Drum Lifter - DHE-DL350. Please contact us directly to arrange a demonstration.

At Auslift, we offer financing options to support our customers when buying new Vertical Drum Lifter - DHE-DL350. This initiative ensures that our clients can purchase a new Vertical Drum Lifter - DHE-DL350 for sale without facing financial strain. For detailed information on our financing options and how to apply, please get in touch with our team.

Yes. If you're not exactly sure if a machine is right, you can take up the opportunity to Try Before You Buy. Before investing, you get a chance to hire the machine, see if it's right, and the hire cost will be deducted from the sale price if you proceed with a purchase. Read more about it here.

For specific servicing needs for Vertical Drum Lifter - DHE-DL350, it's essential to adhere to the manufacturer's guidelines. Auslift can provide advice on maintaining your purchased Vertical Drum Lifter - DHE-DL350. Regular servicing not only prevents unexpected breakdowns but also helps in compliance with safety regulations. You can also contact the manufacturer directly, as they offer expert support tailored to Vertical Drum Lifter - DHE-DL350.

Vertical Drum Lifter - DHE-DL350 is designed and manufactured to comply with the necessary industry regulations, so that it meets safety and operational standards required for its use. This compliance is critical for both the legality and safety of the equipment in working environments.

Yes, there is a warranty available when buying a new Vertical Drum Lifter - DHE-DL350 fo sale. Our goods and services come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under Australian Consumer Law. For major failures or defects on all brand new equipment, you are entitled to repairs under warranty. For all warranty claims and callouts, transport of machinery to and from any repair centres is at the purchasers expense.