5 Reasons to Choose Cherry Picker Hire Over Purchasing

5 Reasons to Choose Cherry Picker Hire Over Purchasing

We are often posed with the question - ‘Is a cherry picker worth buying, or should I continue to hire when I need it? For some people, the option of buying is more applicable and works for them. However for others, hiring works better.

Purchasing any large piece of machinery whilst there are some great benefits often leads to machines sitting in storage for an extended period without any proper care or maintenance. Hiring is a great alternative and allows you to use the machine when needed. These are our top five tips for choosing to hire a cherry picker over buying a cherry picker

1. Flexibility

We understand that having the right tool for the right job is vital to any project, regardless of size. If you decide to purchase a cherry picker, you run the risk of it only applying to one job.

When you decide to hire, you can choose from the whole range of machinery from different sizes to the two main types of two cherry pickers; either an (articulated) knuckle boom lift or a (telescopic) straight boom lift. Each has its purpose and is used differently for each job. A straight boom lift is excellent for jobs requiring more extended reach, whereas a knuckle boom is great for getting into tricky spaces.

Whilst they are versatile tools, deciding between an articulated knuckle boom or a straight boom lift comes down to the project itself. Hiring is an excellent alternative as it allows you to pick the right cherry picker you need for that job or something specific.

2. Safety, compliance and maintenance

Here at Auslift, we follow strict protocol and the highest safety standards. When you hire a material handling lift, forklift, or any other mechanical lift, each has been regularly serviced for reliable performance every time. Purchasing any mechanical lift comes with the regular fees of servicing and maintenance. With a cherry picker, they need to be serviced every six months. This is in addition to keeping it clean and ensuring no visible damage is done every three months.

In addition to Auslift taking care of safety and compliance for hires, we’re also here to help with initial set-up and questions that come up along the way.  Whilst we still complete this when you purchase from us, we understand the timely nature of the hire and will assist you within the given timeframe.

3. Cost

When hiring or buying a material lift, the topic of cost is always involved in the conversation. If you were to purchase a cherry picker, the initial cost is one that can be quite expensive depending on the model and size needed.

While we work with you and your payment needs, making the decision to hire allows you to reduce costs by only paying for what you need. Most of our customers only need a cherry picker for a specific project. They understand that the cost to hire for one project is significantly less than purchasing. Hiring a cherry picker allows you to only pay for it when it’s in use.

If you’re tossing between buying or hiring a cherry picker, a great tool is a cost-benefit analysis. Using a tool like this is a surefire way to understand if the choice of purchasing a cherry picker will be worth it in the long run.

4. Less fuss

Organising the move of a cherry picker in Melbourne can often be a tricky scenario, not to mention one that takes pre-planning. If you decide to buy, you are then wholly responsible for this. Auslift services the area of greater Melbourne and has for years. We understand where the bumps in the road are and take care of all the fuss for you.

In addition, we can go out to the site for you and offer a free no obligation quote. We complete this free of charge as we understand that deciding between pieces of machinery can be confusing.

5. Storage

While we understand how great a cherry picker is for the scenarios you need, they can sit in storage without use for months. Buying a cherry picker also comes with the responsibility of having the right amount of space to be able to store it. If you don’t already have a storage space, you’ll need to find one. This often leads people to rent out a space or facility over time, which adds an additional monthly cost to an already costly purchase.

If you need to hire a cherry picker or any other large machinery, get in touch with one of our friendly team members, and we’d be happy to help.