Different Forklift Types & Their Roles

Different Forklift Types & Their Roles

Here at Auslift, we know the critical role that a forklift plays in any job site or project. We stock a variety to ensure you’ve got the right tool for the right job, but there are many different types of forklifts playing different roles. Not only this, forklifts become even more versatile when attachments are used. Whilst the initial cost of a forklift may be daunting, you end up saving money by buying or renting the attachments you need. If you’re unsure about the initial investment, Auslift has payment plans to suit everyone. As there are so many attachments, we’ve broken down what each does and what industries or applications they benefit most from.

Container ramps

Similar to forklifts in versatility, container ramps come in all sizes and materials to suit any job. They work to allow forklifts and other large material lifts to drive on and off containers. They create a level of safety by creating a smooth pathway between the containers and loading bays. Container ramps make up the difference in height between the container and the loading bay. This means forklifts can move items around safely. They also take out the need to create a permeant structure. As container ramps come in various sizes and weight limits, the possibility of uses is practically endless. However, they play a significant role in loading bays and shipping yards.

Forklift crane jibs

Forklift crane jibs take out the need for heavy machinery to be used. They allow whatever task is needed to be completed to be done quickly and easily. Essentially they are an overhead hook that lifts heavy objects to the desired height. They replace the need for other equipment such as cranes or hoists and reduce labour costs by reducing the need for repetitive work. Crane jibs are effective in warehouses, workshops and factories that constantly have to handle repetitive lifting tasks. Due to the variety that crane jibs give, they can be categorised into three categories,

1. Fixed

Fixed crane jibs are best for repetitive tasks where much adjustment isn’t needed. This is an excellent option for those working within a limited space.

2. Extendable

Extendable forklift crane jib attachments are best described as telescope style. Each will vary with its weight limit and working load at various heights. These are fantastic tools for warehouses and storage centres that utilise vertical storage space.

3. Adjustable

Adjustable forklift crane jibs can adjust to fit the space needed helping with tasks with various angles, ideal when working in unconventional areas.

Forklift bin tippers

Forklift bin tippers are a great attachment to a forklift. They increase the versatility of the forklift and productivity. Bin tippers attach to the tynes of the forklift, coming in various sizes and materials to suit each job. Bin tipper attachments are ideal for carrying waste but are also fantastic when used solely for transporting and storing large scale food in food production industries. In an application like this, ingredients often need to be tipped into other large scale vats or containers. A forklift bin tipper attachment not only increases productivity but also increases the level of safety. As there is an increase in productivity, there is also an increase in workflow bin tippers take out the need for excessive manual labour that can only be completed quickly. They also take out the potential for employees to accidentally tip over a bin or miss whatever they’re pouring the contents into. Forklift safety cages A forklift safety cage is a workable area cage that sits on the end of the forklift, raising the person inside to the desired height whilst being safe. They contain enough space for an employee to move around freely whilst being secure. Forklift safety cages are used when performing occasional tasks or tasks that only take a short amount of time where using scaffolding or work platforms isn’t a practical option. Forklift safety cages are used in various ways but are incredibly helpful when getting to a storage facility's high areas. They’re excellent for completing stock takes and picking and packaging. In addition, they are also great for general maintenance, for example, fixing a lightbulb. Using a safety cage removes the need to bring in external maintenance resources, saving you time and money.

Forklift slippers

Forklift slippers are a temporary attachment designed to extend the existing tynes. Whilst they shouldn’t be used as a permanent attachment, they work to lift large crates and small machinery items. When using, it is essential to understand that the land must be stabilised and even support the slippers. They’re a great solution when loading and unloading vehicles. Depending on the size, forklift slippers can safely reach a truck's width and safely pick up items needed. They can also be used to get items that sit further back in storage units.

Forklift spreaders

Similar to forklift sleepers, forklift slippers are designed to give a width extension to the fork tynes. They allow the forklift to carry wide loads. Forklift spreaders are used in industries such as construction for carrying loads of plasterboard, roof sheeting and timber. Using a forklift spreader reduces the risk of overloading the weight limit of a regular forklift. Also, the operator visibility is increased when using a forklift spreader.

Forklift Drum Lifters

Forklift drum lifts are designed to move and lift 40 gallon drums. Auslift supplies both forklift attachments of single and double drum lift to increase efficiency. Storage drums are mainly used in manufacturing, transport and warehouse industries. They’re also commonly used in the chemical and petroleum industries. Empty drums are used for storage, pouring and weighing. Using a drum lifter instead of manual labour heavily reduces the risk of employees or surrounding people getting hurt, specifically in industries where chemicals are used.

We understand that there are various forklift attachments, so if you have any further questions about what forklift attachment is suitable for what job, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re here to answer any questions or queries you might have.